Sanki Kronuit – Nanobiotechnology – Dietary Supplement – 1 Box (27 stick packs)

Price: $79.50
(as of Sep 29,2023 09:32:01 UTC – Details)

Kronuit Fire stimulates the decrease in the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars in food; it increases thermogenesis which contributes to the elimination of fatty tissue. This is done thanks to its Oxylia Night Reset and TOG technology which come from black beans, olives, rosemary and green tea. The product development of Kronuit Fire focused on understanding the body and its internal clock which signals the organs at the moments in which they should function, based in activity. This is known as Chronobiology. During the night the storage of fats increases. That process must be balanced, decreasing the quantity of sugar in the blood stream. Modern life leads us to eat in a disorderly fashion during the day provoking a rise in glucose, which leads to glycation, inflammation and insulin resistance. Kronuit is used to prevent this unnatural process.

ANTI-GLYCEMIC ACTIVITY: The black bean has been shown to have strong antiglycemic properties which reduce the level of sugar and insulin after each meal.
ACTIVATES THERMOGENESIS: The green tea used in TOG increases the capacity to generate heat (thermogenesis) to eliminate fatty tissue.
REPARE OF CELL DAMAGE: Green Tea, Rosemary, and the Olive are recognized for their significant antioxidant activity to combat the effects of free radicals.

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