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Ultra 8k Lipo Blue, Dietary Supplement Fat a Buner, Effective Process in Weight Loss, Greater Fat Breakdown in Our Body, 30 Capsules

Price: $52.99
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Ultra 8K is a unique method based on the consumption of a different pill every day, with the sole objective of ensuring greater fat breakdown in our body and as a consequence, a direct and effective process in weight loss. It is the most innovative and effective treatment that enhances positive weight loss results.

We have selected the best components of our entire product line and merged them into the same compressed capsule, thus activating the metabolism and burning fat for 24 hours, ensuring faster, more effective and long lasting results. Ultra 8K is changing the way people lose weight.

Directions: This product comes with three different color pills. You should take one daily pill 30 to 45 minutes before breakfast. You can follow this guideline: Follow the colors

Day 1: purple pill

Day 2: gold pill

Day 3: blue pill

Day 4: Start the process again.

INGREDIENTS: Forskolina, African mango extract, Raspberry ketones, Creen Coffe, Garcinia, Kelp powder, Orange extract, Acai


Take 1 capsule a day, 45 minutes before breakfast or your first meal. To 30 consecutive days. (Not exceed the consume of this product)
Must drink a lot of water throughout the day (3 or more liters per day) so you can get wanted results (because the body waste will be eliminated through urine and you’ll lose weight)
This formula works without doing a strict diet or exercise.
It comes in a presentation of 30 capsules.

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