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Can I Drink Diet Soda on a Candida Diet?

Can I Drink Diet Soda on a Candida Diet?


I try to address some questions in this article for you are still having problems like these one. How long does it take you guys to bounce back after you have had something that was not good for you? Also, can a diet soda be causing you problems?

The answer is definitely yes, it has many artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners etc in it. It is really bad for any one. A friend would always get a burning in her urine and it can at times move to her bowel area. Also it causes a reduced urine flow in her.

Speaking of which, someone reads a frightening report about the artificial sweetener in sodas (aspartame). It can cause serious neurological problems and should be avoided at all costs. It can be like a poison to the human body and especially the mind. So she drinks carbonated water when she misses soda pop. It’s not perfect but cold so it’s okay and it has nice bubbles.

Carbonated water is better, but because it is carbonated it is not pH neutral. I think it is very acidy, which is what we are to avoid. Also, sugars in diet drinks create carbs cravings.

Since reading all of the “stuff” on Candida, Aspartame is brought up numerous times. Anything that has Nutra-sweet in it, is Aspartame. If you do a search for Aspartame you will find lists of what effects this can have on the human body (including neurological damage). Many of the side effects listed compare to the side effects that I’ve had that I’ve ruled to be Candida.

There is someone who always wondered why when she chewed ‘sugar free’ gum she got headaches 10 minutes after beginning to chew it. She did her research on Aspartame and Candida and found that Aspartame is in ‘sugar free’ gum. Now she only drink filtered water (and take her antifungals). She does not chew gum and does not have headaches.

I myself just hope some day I will not have to take the pills and feel good at the same time. My advice is to check ingredients on anything you intend on eating and don’t eat or drink anything with Aspartame. It will make you feel better anyway!


Source by Angie Lindsey