GloSlim SpiceFruit™ – Fat Burner and Metabolism Booster, Non-Stimulant Weight Management Supplement, West African SpiceFruit Glomerata for Metabolic Health, 30 Veggie Capsules

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Natural. Simple. Science Backed. Natural. Simple. Science Backed.

spice fruit superfruit naomi whittelspice fruit superfruit naomi whittel

Cell Protection Plant Power Immune SupportCell Protection Plant Power Immune Support

GloSlim SpiceFruit contains the patented SpiceFruit extract; unlike other weight loss pills or dietary supplements for weight loss, GloSlim SpiceFruit is derived from natural ingredients with the highest potency of SpiceFruit extract aiding in weight loss for women
The ultimate weight loss support, GloSlim SpiceFruit is the ideal weight management supplement for women; it has fat burning properties, boosts metabolism and helps provide effective multifunctional weight loss activity; GloSlim SpiceFruit is the ideal weight loss supplement as it also helps to regulate and balance healthy metabolic function
Supports cardiovascular health and balanced sugar levels; GloSlim SpiceFruit is more than just a metabolism booster. Not only can it help you lose weight, it also supports healthy cardiovascular function, helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and supports normal blood lipid levels; it is the perfect addition to your current health regimen
Naomi Whittel launched the ONE Get Healthy movement to improve health across the globe one person at a time; The ONE products are sourced from reputable suppliers and farms; in addition, all our dietary supplements are manufactured in the USA and tested to insure there are no contamination issues

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