Home Fitness INDIAN WEIGHT LOSS DIET PLAN | Lose 10 Kgs | Results Guaranteed

INDIAN WEIGHT LOSS DIET PLAN | Lose 10 Kgs | Results Guaranteed

INDIAN WEIGHT LOSS DIET PLAN | Lose 10 Kgs | Results Guaranteed

Just like you, I tried everything to lose a couple of pounds. Soups, salads, low-fat diets, low-carb diets. But unfortunately, nothing seemed to last long. Whatever weight I lost used to come crawling back after I was off that diet. Plus, those diets made my body pretty weak and almost non functional.

It took me years to understand that health is a lifestyle and not a 10 day or a 1 Week Journey, so I cannot rely on short-term diet fads. I educated myself regarding diet and fitness, tried this Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss on myself, even got my Fitness Expert certifications, trained my clients and now I finally share this diet with you. Hope it works for you as well as it did for me:

Indian Diet Plan For Weight Loss:

As soon as you wake up: Glass of Water (For detoxification, hydration and to kick start your metabolism)

1) Egg Bhurji + Roti
2) Plain Paratha + Curd
3) Idli | Dosa | Poha | Upma
4) 2 Boiled Eggs + 1 Local Seasonal Fruit

Mid-Morning Snack:
1) Chai/Cofee
2) Roasted Peanuts
3) Dry Fruits
4) 2 Boiled Eggs (1 with Yolk)

Lunch: (A Whole Meal)

1) Salad (Carrot | Cucumber | Beetroot)
2) Curry + Rice | Roti
(Chicken | MixVeg | Daal | Paneer)
3) Curd

Mid-Evening Snack:
1) Fruit
2) Peanut Butter + 1 Whole Wheat Bread
3) Freshly Cut Vegetables

Post – Workout:

1) Eggs | Milk
2) Banana | Sweet Potato | Dates


1) Daal + Rice (More Daal and slightly less rice)
2) Home cooked curry + Roti (More curry and less roti)
3) Grilled Chicken
4) Fish

Just Before Bed:
1) Glass of Warm Milk

Also, pay attention to the quantity of food that you are eating. More often than not, because we don’t focus on our food, we tend to eat that extra roti or extra rice and that’s what causes weight gain. Yolk/Rice and Milk don’t. So, eat slow and focus on what you are eating.

Weight loss is simple. You just need to eat mindfully and remember:

1) Eat Local
2) Avoid anything that comes in a packet (Processed foods)
3) Eat frequently and never let yourself be hungry. Because when we are hungry we tend to make bad food choices and it get’s difficult to resist the temptation.

Along with the diet, include some sort of physical activity in your daily schedule and get a good 7-8 hrs sleep everyday.

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