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Optavia Diet Cookbook For Beginners: The Beginner’s Optavia Diet Guide to Achieve a Rapid Weight Loss without Overthinking about Meal Planning

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The Optavia Diet is a commercial diet but it is considered as one of the most popular and mainstay commercial diet regimens that have brought a lot of benefits over the decades. Previously called the Medifast Diet, this diet has been designed not only to help lose weight but also to improve blood lipid and sugar levels, as well as better overall health. This book will serve as your guide on what the Optavia Diet is all about so that you not only enjoy delicious foods but also healthy foods that can improve your health.

In this cookbook you will learn:

● What Is the Optavia Diet?

● What To Eat

● What Not to Eat

● The Benefits of The Lean and Green Diet

● How to Start the Optavia Diet?

● How to Follow the Optavia Diet?

● Following the Optavia Diet



Grab this copy and start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Let’s get cooking!!!

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