Home Fitness Weight Loss Diet / Meal Plan | Intermittent Fasting | June Weight Loss Challenge | Lose Upto 10kgs

Weight Loss Diet / Meal Plan | Intermittent Fasting | June Weight Loss Challenge | Lose Upto 10kgs

Weight Loss Diet / Meal Plan | Intermittent Fasting | June Weight Loss Challenge | Lose Upto 10kgs

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June Weight Loss Diet Plan

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Have you taken up our June Weight Loss challenge to lose weight ! If yes, here is the Indian veg diet / Meal Plan to help you achieve your June weight loss goals. With this diet plan you can have a balanced and nutritious diet on a day to day basis. As this month weight loss challenge is a bit challenging hence, This time our diet is slightly low on carbs & High on protein & fiber. It’s suitable for anyone trying to lose weight or live a healthy life. This Indian diet plan have all the major food groups as its integral part, it’s very simple, highly balanced yet easy to follow.

JUNE WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE GUIDE :- https://youtu.be/isecanRY-WA

One suggestion, feel free to make changes in the meal type as per food available in your region and season.

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