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Intego Folic Acid Gummies – Chewable Gummy Supplements for Pregnant Women – Dietary Support for Prenatal Health & Pregnancy Care – Natural Ingredients, Yummy Fruit Flavors, Made in USA – 60 Per Bottle

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Wondering about how to take increase your folic acid levels during pregnancy?

Folic acid deficiency is a serious matter. It can lead to issues which can affect a fetus’ brain and spinal cord development.

Luckily, you can fight this particular condition by increasing your folic acid intake. But with all the many options available, which one should you go for?

Keep up with pregnancy’s demanding nutritional requirements with the Intego Folic Acid Gummies!

The earliest weeks of pregnancy are some of its most delicate. This is the phase when your baby’s brain and spinal cord are developing. By taking our folic acid supplement, you can supply your body with Vitamin B9. Vitamin B9 has been shown to help support healthy cell growth and formation.

But our folic acid supplement isn’t just for expecting mothers; it’s good for all women within the reproductive age. After all, it is an essential B vitamin that offers a host of other advantages for feminine health. Building folic acid levels before conception may help your body prepare for motherhood.

Our folic acid supplement is generally safe for consumption, but as with other types of supplements it’s recommended that you talk to your physician first before taking them. This is especially true for expecting moms.

Still not sure? Here are more details about our folic acid supplement to help you decide:

🌿 60 button-shaped gummies per bottle
🌿 Natural ingredients
🌿 Tropical fruit flavors
🌿 Superb value for money

Maintain healthy folic levels before and during pregnancy. Add the Intego Folic Acid Gummies to your cart TODAY!
🌿 HELP YOUR BABY’S DEVELOPMENT – Taking folic acid during pregnancy may help in the synthesis of DNA, which is necessary for rapid cell division and organ or tissue formation in developing babies.
🌿 EASY TO TAKE – If you find large pills and tablets difficult to swallow, then you’re going to love our folic acid gummies. They come in chewable and yummy fruit-flavored, button-shaped chews!
🌿 LOCALLY SOURCED & PRODUCED – Our folic acid supplements are made in the USA at our own certified facility. Each bottle has gone through strict and uncompromising inspection to guarantee quality.
🌿 SEALED FOR FRESHNESS – Our folic acid gummies come in clear and resealable jars. Aside from being more convenient than foil packaging, the bottle also helps maintain taste and potency.

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