Why am I not losing weight? | Nutritionist Tina Sapra Reveals Why You Are Not Losing Weight

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Why am I not losing weight? I’m doing everything right, but I am not able to lose weight? Working out, but still not able to lose weight?

All these questions often go through our minds when we think of weight loss. We all want that perfect body, lose the extra fat, single-digit dress size, healthy body. But, losing weight is not the same for everyone. There are many surprising reasons why you might not be losing weight.

We asked Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Tina Sapra about why we might not be losing weight. And she reveals many reasons behind not losing weight that many of us don’t even know. She tells us about body metabolism, burning calories, calorie intake, water weight, Basal Metabolic Rate, and much more.

Also, find out, Tina Sapra picks questions and points like like:

Did you know why you and your friend might be following the same diet and exercise routine but losing weight differently?

How many calories do you need to lose to burn 1 Kg of fat?

Difference between weight and fat?

How to find the correct diet for yourself?

Dos and Don’ts of a diet?

Watch popular Dietitian and Nutritionist, Tina Sapra in an exclusive chat with Sipping Thoughts Hosts Sukirti Gupta and Anubha Thakkar as she helps us find out why you are not able to lose weight.


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