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THE NEW ALKALINE-DETOX DIET: The Complete and Exhaustive Beginner’s Guide to lose Weight, Fasting and Revitalize Your Body with Plant-Based Diet including 100 Healthy and Tasty Recipes.

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Some of the best nutritional Doctors have dedicated their life and knowledge to the search for natural medicines to help fight serious diseases.

These revolutionary characters have denied the United States Medical Association’s views before a court, documenting and demonstrating that appropriate nutrition can help to treat depression, AIDS, stroke, cancer, arthritis, bipolar disorder, and pathological addictions.

According to these researches, the disease results from an accumulation of mucus in an area of the body. For example, an expansion of mucus in the lungs is pneumonia, while the excess of mucus in the pancreas is diabetes.

They claim that diseases cannot exist in an alkaline environment and begin to manifest when your body becomes too acidic.

By strictly following Alkaline-Detox Diet and using some supplements, they promise to restore the natural alkaline state of your body and detoxify your diseased body.

Would you like to know why and how you can improve your overall health by eating naturally?

Of course, you want! Then, this manual will be the beacon that will guide you to discover this effective and healthy diet program; you will learn how to regenerate cells and keep them clean by eating nutritious and healthy.

In this book, you will:

  • Understand What Alkaline-Detox Diet is and How It Works to clarify how it helps you detox your body from so many diseases and get rid of all the toxic waste.
  • Find a Complete List of Food to Eat and Avoid, always to ensure you stick to the diet properly to fully feel and see all the health benefits deriving from it.
  • Realize How This Diet Program Will Help You Prevent Chronic and Heart Disease thanks to many factors, such as being a plant-based diet and helping your body rejuvenate cells.
  • Discover How It Can Help You Lose Weight and Stay Healthy because it is deficient in calories and limits processed food.
  • Be Amazed by 100 Delicious, Tasty, and Mouth-Watering Recipes ready to detox and revitalize your body by eating healthy and alkaline food.

… & Lot More! 

Alkaline-Detox Diet exploits the power of certain plant-based foods with strong anti-inflammatory qualities to promote more excellent health but also to promote slimming.

The advantages of following this diet are many; this diet mainly uses foods that belong to the plant world, and avoiding animal fats can help in weight loss. Those who follow this diet say that it can help prevent and treat inflammation, arthritis, and tumors. Then, thanks to a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, you have the opportunity to see your energy increase in a short time for the benefit of the various activities that are carried out every day.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

With this book in your hands, you will discover the cure of all ills…

Order Your Copy Now and Start Healing and Detoxing Your Body Once for All!

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