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Renal Diet Cookbook: 850+ Healthy and Nutritional Recipes To Manage Low Potassium, Low Sodium And Phosphorus

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It’s Time to Make Some Changes, Starting with Your Diet

A revolutionary approach to kidney dieting with super easy recipes hand-picked to safeguard your kidneys’ welfare…

If you have kidney problems, be assured: you’re certainly not alone! – about 1 in 3 American adults suffer from kidney problems, and statistics don’t appear to be decreasing. A true dietary pandemic that causes bone ailments, heart disease, and severe consequences for overall health.

"Thanks for the daily dose of anxiety. I already knew that…actually, I’m looking for recipes to defend my kidneys!"

You’re right but let me break it down for you! We all know that the proper diet helps your body function at its best, but figuring out what to eat can be a significant challenge. This leads to deep confusion, so much that even the most committed people revert to old, unhealthy eating habits…

You can finally say goodbye to uncertainty by relying on the 800+ delicious, healthy recipes explicitly hand-selected for those with kidney problems.

★ By following the recipes contained in this cookbook, you’ll avoid or limit certain foods to protect your kidneys and include other foods to keep you fueled the healthy way. Your specific diet will depend on whether you are in the early or late stages of CKD or if you are on dialysis. This book covers you in all cases by providing effortless recipes for every need.

✓ Here’s the goldmine you’ll find page by page:

  • A Comprehensive Introduction on What exactly is CKD, significant shortcomings, and what you should eat to get it under control
  • A rich collection of over 850 yummy recipes selected for their ease of preparation and effectiveness in the treatment of CKD
  • A scrupulous analysis of the nutritional specs for each recipe allowing you to heartily pick the most delicious recipe while keeping your kidneys safe
  • An ordered recipes breakdown including seafood, poultry, main dishes, soup & stew, vegetables, meat, salad, and many others to quickly find what you are looking for
  • A simple, tidy recipe layout with step-by-step instructions for cooking your favorite recipes without headaches
  • …& much, MUCH more!

What are you waiting for? – Get a copy of this incredible Renal Diet Cookbook and enjoy a healthy life once and for all. 

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