Home Fitness Ramzan Training & Diet Plan for MUSCLE BUILDING – How to lose weight in Ramadan

Ramzan Training & Diet Plan for MUSCLE BUILDING – How to lose weight in Ramadan

Ramzan Training & Diet Plan for MUSCLE BUILDING – How to lose weight in Ramadan

Your complete guide on how to lose weight in Ramadan – The SCIENTIFIC approach.

Finally releasing a video, ESPECIALLY for men and women in India & Pakistan.
This is the FREE of cost Ramzan training & Diet program. This is the only fitness advice you’ll need during this holy month. Ramzan mubarak!

Written version :

Now a super important thing to note is during ramadaan and IF, your total calories stay the same as they are throughout the year. Everyone has a maintencance calorie level. If you stay above it you’ll put on weight, and if you stay below it you’ll lose weight .So if you’re trying to lose weight and fat you need to be in a caloric deficit, you need to watch your calories. If you’re trying to put on weight you need to be in a caloric surplus in ramadan.

Finally the training aspect of ramzaan. Its very basic – You keep it the same as it was with a decrease in training frequency. You also need to give your body time to recover. So I personally would suggest 3-4 days of lifting weights is a great option, if you think you’re capable of going up to 5 days, then do it. But never more than that.

But now, a detailed timeline of the plan you have to follow. Follow this plan on the days you workout. On the days you don’t workout, just slightly reduce all the carbs from this plan.

Also water intake. When you’ve broken your fast, have 2-5 glasses of water every hour

So our starting point in this timeline is when you break your fast, jab aap Roza khologe
Your go to option – Fruits or plain white rice. Now obviously you can’t workout on an empty stomach after fasting. You need carbs, just for that immediate energy. So go for any fruit you want. There are no restrictions. If you can, then keep changing up the fruit you have. But this works as a pre workout meal. When you’re breaking your fast, but you have a workout following that you want to avoid two things – Things super high in sugar and things super high in fat. So avoid fried items, dessert and even dates, which mind you aren’t as healthy as people think. Avoid it at this point.

Stage 2 : Maghrib prayers or evening prayers. So immediately, after having your pre workout meal, you go for your prayers, immediately after which you will go to the gym. If you want, just before your workout, eat 1 banana. If you want, youc an also have a tea or cofffee at this point. Preferably without sugar, but we’re human so a little sugar is fine.

Stage 3 : Finish your workout in under 1 hour, whatever happens. Post workout, You need to carry your protein shake to the gym . Have it with water, after your workout. This is also a great time to have dates or khajoor. Because immediately after a workout your body is capable of utilising sugar for energy.

Stage 4 : Now this is where it gets a little flexible. Different mosques have different timings for Taraveeh prayers. So you need to adjust the timing of this meal according to your own prayers. If you can, then immediately come home and have white meat, not red. So you’ll have a big bowl of chicken, fish or eggs with a portion of whatever carb you want – rice, roti, bread, during ramzaan have some fun with your carbs. So either you eat and go to pray or pray and come back and eat.

Stage 5 : Now this is where most people choose to sleep if they are getting up for Sehri. If you are gonna sleep early, then have a slow digesting protion – your options are red meat or red meat. If your goal is to put on weight, have carbs with this meal. Otherwise keep it carb free. And when you get up for Sehri, have some more of the same you had for dinner. A slow digesting protein that you had for dinner.

Stage 5.5 : If you’re one of those people who doesn’t get up for Sehri, then have some white meat like chicken or fish or eggs, after Taraveeh. And before sleeping follow it up with red meat or paneer kababs. And compulsarily a bowl of curd with protein shake if possible.


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