Home Mindset Why Do 99 Percent of All Diets Fail?

Why Do 99 Percent of All Diets Fail?

Why Do 99 Percent of All Diets Fail?


Most of us who have been on a diet, and let’s face it, that is a lot of people, find dieting a real challenge. There are endless studies and statistics that tell us 95% – 99% of all diets fail in the long term, from someone who dieted for 15 years straight without losing weight, I can believe it, It wasn’t until I ditched the dieting and changed my whole mindset and attitude to weight loss that I finally shifted the pounds once and for all.

I was intrigued to find out why we keep making the same mistakes over and over again, we get fatter and hungrier and the diet industry gets richer. This, very briefly, is what I discovered.


There are any number of perceived obstacles in the way of pursuing your goal of being slim, fit and healthy. As you already know, there are certain things you really need to do if you want to lose weight – you need to eat appropriate amounts of healthy food and be moderately active. The only problem is, most of us have difficulty in actually getting ourselves to do this, we tend to rationalize why it is difficult for us to do something, we make excuses.

We blame our parents, our upbringing, the fact that being overweight is a family trait, our slow metabolism. We blame our kids, our spouses, our jobs, never having enough time. These may be factors that do indeed make it more difficult for us to lose weight. But it is important to note that these are simply reasons why we have not been successful in the past, they are not insurmountable obstacles that must prevent us from achieving our goals. By identifying the potential blocks to successful weight loss and dealing with them ahead of time, any obstacles can be effectively removed.

Lack of Organization

Achieving weight loss goals are made far more difficult when the appropriate foods are unavailable or there is no time left to do some exercise. If you have cookies and chips lying around in the cupboards and no fruit to snack on you know what the likely outcome will be. The temptation to grab a handful of cookies to stave off hunger is often too great to resist. This is a major reason people fail to stick to their weight loss plans and it can be easily avoided by proper planning. Make your life easy, spend sometime planning your weekly routine, including what you want to eat and when, what you need to buy in the supermarket and how much time you need for regular exercise. And do yourself a favor, clear out all the junk food so there are no temptations.


Going for the quick fix is a tendency that most unsuccessful dieters have. Once we have decided that we want to lose weight, we want that weight to come off as quickly as possible even though, as intelligent people, we know it’s just not going to happen. Going on crazy fad diets that promise 12lbs weight loss per week is simply counterproductive – but hey, you already knew that didn’t you?

Choosing the wrong diet

Some diets are impossible to stick to. If you decide to go on a diet that only allows you to eat grapefruit for example or cabbage soup, failure is inevitable. Your body is physically programmed to protect it’s fat stores, when those fat stores are threatened by famine it does everything it can to hold on to them, it will give up muscle for energy before it gives up fat. These starvation diets simply have the effect of making you fat and miserable.

Not setting proper goals

There is a whole art and science to setting goals, there have been many studies to show the magic of goal setting and there are hundreds of goal setting programs on the market. The truth is by setting down, in writing exactly what you want to achieve and then defining the steps that you are going to take to achieve it, your likelihood of success increases phenomenally. Generally, however, most people tend to ignore this important aspect of achieving their goal when they embark on a weight loss program this makes failure almost inevitable.

Your mind

The reasons I have listed above are all major reasons why people fail to lose weight permanently and why the diet industry is so buoyant. Americans spend about $35 billion a year on diet products, and the obesity problem is just getting worse. But there is one factor above all the others why we find losing weight so difficult and that is our subconscious conditioning.

All your habits, experiences, beliefs, attitude, thoughts, feelings and behavior make up your mindset, you eat the way you do because of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs so, embarking on a diet and ignoring this aspect of weight loss is generally doomed to failure from the start.

It is essential to change your mindset before you can achieve lasting and comfortable weight loss.


Source by Dianne Maurer