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Renal Diet Cookbook: 600 Delicious Low Sodium, Low Potassium and Low Phosphorus Easy To Make Recipes to Manage Kidney Disease Without Losing The Taste of Eating – Includes a 4-Weeks Meal Plan

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Although the diagnosis of kidney disease can be frustrating, there is a seemingly simple solution: your diet.

We know how stressful is trying consistently to maintain a diet devoid of flavor and taste for long.

What if there was a way to hold off kidney disease without losing the taste for food?
What if it were possible to reconcile a healthy diet with delicious and succulent dishes, despite the disease?

Give yourself a chance!

The Renal Diet Cookbook is the answer you’ve been searching for!

A complete guide to Manage Your Kidney Disease with 600 delicious Low Sodium, Low Potassium and Low Phosphorus Easy to Make Recipes. High-quality protein and a lot of mouth-watering ideas to eat healthy but also tasty!

With this cookbook in your kitchen, you will:

● Understand Kidney Disease in details, the different kinds of kidney issues and their prescriptions and remedies

● Find out what kind of food you can eat and what you can’t

● Learn about the benefits of following a Renal Diet in order to keep your kidney disease under control

● 600 delicious and easy to make recipes that can help you to manage your disease while enjoying a great variety of flavors

● Cook tasty breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, soups and even smoothies without overburdening your kidneys

● Discover a complete 4-weeks meal plan, that allows will help you to take care of your kidneys following a dedicated diet in a much easier way

● And Much More!

Stop eating tastelessly or further damaging your kidneys.

With this cookbook, from tomorrow you can start a diet that is both healthy and full of flavor.

You will no longer have to choose between health and flavor… you can simply have both!

Are you ready to get started?

Order Your Copy Today!

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