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Weight Loss by the FOLO Principle

Weight Loss by the FOLO Principle


Why does the extra fatty on the abdomen area tend to be the last to go away? Have you ever noticed that? I call this the first on last off principle. Remember FOLO. You might see it in the mirror at the gym or at home.

Consider my friend Tony for example. He’s in his 40’s – the part of the life cycle that takes you over the hill. Tony’s tummy really looks like a hill turned on its side. A few months ago he could hardly see his toes while standing straight.

He has done very well, losing over 25 lbs so far since beginning his weight loss program (by diet and exercise.) Like so many people, Tony has been worrying about why the weight seems to linger around his abdomen area even though he has crunched off more than 25 lbs.

The situation got my interest too, until just last week I learned from a trainer that it is not unusual. Actually it is a common thing that the last place the weight seems to disappear from is the first place you noticed it.

I think of it this way: the body has preferential sites for depositing fat. These areas will therefore have more deposits and even if the rate of shedding the pounds is uniform across the whole body, it would still mean that those sites would be the last to lose the extra weight.

Have a tortoise mindset

This residual effect in weight loss tends to be discouraging. If you are like Tony, you might be asking, “Is my belly gonna be flat again?” The answer depends on you.

The key is to not give up. Weight loss by diet and exercise only gets better as you keep at it. Why?

  • Exercise builds more muscle. Some people even gain weight while they lose fat, because muscle is denser than fat.
  • More muscle means greater fat burning capacity
  • Your muscles also get stronger, which means you can exercise more and accelerate the weight loss process
  • Regular exercise, coupled with proper diet, helps create a more youthful look, and a healthier body.

We cannot put a price tag on these benefits of natural weight loss. If you think you might be stopped by the FOLO principle, just try being like the postage stamp. It sticks to it until it gets there. And it usually gets “there,” because the postman (postwoman) always delivers. You just need to have the tortoise mindset.


Source by Bentley Thompson